Beautiful creation on wood

"The word découpage comes from the French verb découper, 'to cut out'. Découpage has a long and fascinating history that can be traced back to a variety of styles from many distant countries. As far back as the 12th century, Chinese peasants were creating paper cutouts in vivid colors to decorate windows, lanterns, gift boxes and... Continue Reading →


Our dear 'old' GiT spouse Ali Zhao is professionally specialized in the beautiful fine art of Chinese embroidery, already for many years. To get more detailed information-#aliartstudio

Crochet: Can it be more than a hobby?

As written by Cathy Myers Bullard in Countryside Daily : “Chain four, join, and turn.” What artful activity relieves stress, inspires creativity, and promotes well-being all while being fun and functional? The answer: crochet. ( "When I came to Eindhoven, luckily I had skill to crochet that helped me to make my time fruitful. When I... Continue Reading →

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