Yiting Tang (China)

I am Yiting, a Chinese who have lived in Eindhoven since November 2018. Before moving to Eindhoven, I lived in London and was working on my Urban Design Master degree. My boyfriend and I had had a long-distance relationship and had traveled between London and Eindhoven for almost a year. To move our relationship to... Continue Reading →

Giulia Pisani (Italy)

I am Giulia Pisani and I come from Italy. I am almost 32 years old. I have been living in the Netherlands since November 2016. I have a bachelor degree in Energetic engineering and I worked 5 years in Italy for the mechanical planning for buildings. I moved to the Netherlands because my husband started... Continue Reading →

Swapnali Vanjiwale- Chaudhary (India)

If it doesn't challenge you it won't change you!  These were the thoughts running in my mind when my boyfriend proposed me for marriage and moving to a different world came into picture. I didn't know much about the Netherlands apart from what I mugged for my social studies exam, which when I think now... Continue Reading →

Tasnuva Jannat (Bangladesh)

I am Tasnuva Jannat. I'm from Bangladesh. I have done my Bachelor in Medicine and Surgery and completed Masters in Public Health in Bangladesh. I went to Belgium to do double masters, Masters in Epidemiology. My husband also did his master's in Ghent University. In 2018, however, we started a new journey in Eindhoven when... Continue Reading →

Prajitha Ayanath (India)

My name is Prajitha Ayanath. I am from Kannur, Kerala, India. I graduated in B.Com from India. After my study, I worked in tally accounting. I am a housewife now. In 2011, I got married to Bijoy Meethal. I have been in Eindhoven for a year now. I joined my husband in January 2018 who... Continue Reading →

Eliana (Colombia)

My name is Eliana, and I am an Environmental Engineer. I was born and raised in Colombia. I have been living in Eindhoven with my husband for almost three years. We came to the Netherlands because my husband got a position at the TU/e in 2016.   My first year here in the Netherlands was... Continue Reading →

Florent G (France)

Since 2008, with Audrey, we have mostly lived outside our own country. Scotland, Canada, Netherlands…Every time, we arrived in an entirely new environment, knowing (almost) nothing about our new host city and more importantly, knowing no one. It means that every time we had to connect with new people, which is not that easy in... Continue Reading →

Ashlee (Malaysia)

I’m Ashlee, a Malaysian of Chinese descend who was born in George Town, Penang, (a state in NorthWest of Malaysia). The city of George Town, although being constantly overshadowed by the capital of Kuala Lumpur, it is also inscribed as UNESCO world heritage site since 2008. I completed my degree in banking in Malaysia and... Continue Reading →

Katja Alexandrova (Russia)

Hey, I will be concise. I promise, as I know long posts are not a hip now?. Originally, I am from Russia and I came to the NL with my husband just after I had graduated from Medical Biology faculty in Volgograd. My journey in country of cheese and tulips began in 2011 in Nijmegen... Continue Reading →

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