Humaira Tabassum (Bangladesh)

Hello Good people, This is Humaira, always have been a friendly, outspoken person. I am from Bangladesh (Chittagong) and did my bachelor’s in Electrical and Electronic Engineering. I was a high school physics teacher in an international school before coming here. On 13th July, 2017 I got married with Siam who is currently doing PhD... Continue Reading →

Jenny Campos (Venezuela)

Dear New GiT Spouse, I’d like to dedicate my story to you, “the new one”, the one with the head full of questions about the experience that’s about to start - or that just started. Buckle up and enjoy the ride, there will be nothing but a true personal growth for you and your partner!... Continue Reading →

Ágnes Borza (Hungary)

My name is Ágnes Borza and I am from Hungary, from Budapest. I am a mathematician and I have been living with my partner in Eindhoven since September 2017. I met with my boyfriend in 2012 at the university. We first became friends, later we fell in love with each other. We never wanted to... Continue Reading →

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